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A leading company in the production of pasta and flour from ancient Sicilian grains Bio and carob seeds, A.Barbagallo Di Mauro makes its debut at Cibus 2018 in pavilion 8 dedicated to local, regional and international products.

After 30 years of commercialization abroad, the historic A. Barbagallo Di Mauro returns to the Italian market in style, choosing Cibus 2018 to present its new look and its innovative products. On the occasion of the 19th edition of Cibus 2018, the International Food Exhibition held in Parma from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th May 2018, A. Barbagallo Di Mauro, a historic company leader in the production of pasta and flour from grains ancient Sicilians Bio and carob flour, will be present in Hall 8 dedicated to local, regional and international products on stand B015 of the Sicilian Region with an ad hoc space set up to guide visitors on the discovery of a history of excellence more than 100 years long. A family history that began in 1911 in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (CT) that with passion and pride has been handed down from father to son to the present day.

Combining family tradition with the desire to innovate new generations, A. Barbagallo Di Mauro has created two new product lines entirely designed for the well-being and health of consumers: PURE ANCIENT GRAINS and HEALTHY LIGHT & VEGGIE.
With its blue label the PURE ANCIENT GRAINS is produced from different varieties of ancient Sicilian organic grains and ancient cereals. A traditional whole milling process interprets their riches best, maintaining the nutritional properties of the grain and the balanced relationship between starch and gluten, making it a lighter and more digestible product. The scents and flavors of the past come back to life in a steaming pasta dish, with a brown color like the land of Etna that is the birthplace of it. With 14 pasta shapes and 4 flours, this line is designed to satisfy creativity and the search for quality and well-being, at home as well as in starred kitchens.
Inspired by nature and the millenary Sicilian tradition, A. Barbagallo Di Mauro has created the HEALTHY LIGHT & VEGGIE line with a green label, produced from ancient varieties of Sicilian wheat & rice and ancient Sicilian wheat & legumes. The choice of the mix of ingredients is not accidental: legumes were and are still used by farmers in the crop rotation – 2 consecutive years of grain and one year legumes that enrich the nitrogen soil – rice, instead, was brought to Sicily by the Arabs during the VIII century domination and it is a typical ingredient of the island cuisine.

The result is a product with a low gluten index, lighter and more balanced, which helps to restore the natural balance of Sicilian crops and offer every day on the table all the well-being and balance necessary to maintain body harmony . Next to the two new lines, the PREMIUM SICILIAN GRAINS stands out, which with its red label like the fire of the Etna volcano, is the best-known and most appreciated A.Barbagallo Di Mauro line for its high quality and its unmistakable home taste. Produced exclusively from certified organic durum wheat and cultivated in Sicily and the pure water of Mount Etna, it is bronze drawn and dried for 8-14 hours at low temperatures (from 50 ° to 65 ° C), to preserve the organoleptic qualities intact of semolina and the typical aroma of homemade pasta, with its unmistakable roughness and roughness.

Led by Agata Barbagallo, representative of the new all-female family generation, visitors, sector operators and international buyers will be able to appreciate the quality and innovation of the company’s products, finally bringing home the undisputed star of the trip : A. Barbagallo di Mauro pasta, in a miniature package created exclusively for the event.
A piece of a long family history that represents the perfect combination of craftsmanship and knowledge of modern technique that day after day, generation after generation, from Sicily looks to the future, the future of our planet.


Now as it always has been, combining long-standing family traditions with the drive for innovation, we produce pasta and flours as Nature intended.