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A leading company in the production of pasta, flour and carob flour, A. Barbagallo Di Mauro is the protagonist of the cooking class of Cucinosano for Piaget.

During Vendemmia di Montenapoleone, the famous and historic Swiss fine jewelry house Piaget has organized a two-day event that sees good wine and good food as protagonists. On May 22nd and 23rd 2019, in an exclusive residence in Milazzo, renamed “Casa Piaget”, Rossana Diana, founder of Cucisano will delight her guests with a special cooking class.

With her deep knowledge of raw materials, her great passion for cooking and her enthusiasm, Rossana will lead the illustrious Piaget guests to discover the art of cooking, her art and philosophy of life. Only quality raw materials and excellent local products, for a healthy cuisine with an authentic taste. This is why, in line with the values that have always inspired it, Rossana has chosen A. Barbagallo Di Mauro pasta for her special cooking class.

Our pasta is made from the best organic Sicilian wheat, carefully selected and handcrafted according to our traditional recipe. With gradual milling and pasta making within 24 hours with pure Etna water, bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperature, our pasta retains its nutritional properties and the unmistakable and authentic aroma of good wheat.

Pasta A. Barbagallo Di Mauro will be the protagonist of his original recipes inspired by the art of high jewelery Piaget and – together with other Made in Italy products – will be part of a special box in a limited edition Cucinosano for Piaget, a tribute to the participants of the event. You too can sit in Casa Piaget and watch Rossana’s cooking class.

Follow the official hashtag #casapiaget and take a look at our Instagram stories and the official Instagram accounts @cucinosano and @piaget to discover all the recipes and experience the event up close!


Cucinosano is the realization of the dream of Rossana Diana, who with her recipes wants to convey the philosophy of well eating without sacrificing the aesthetics of a dish. Rossana is not a chef, she has not attended cooking schools, she simply loves to gather friends at the table, cooking for them and sharing her passion. With the experience and the thousand travels she was able to take cues from the various cuisines of the world and then reinterpret some dishes in a healthy way.


Now as it always has been, combining long-standing family traditions with the drive for innovation, we produce pasta and flours as Nature intended.