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Cooking is a moment of sincerity, as it cooks, pasta expresses the story of its journey from the fields of wheat to our table.

The cooking of pasta is an essential step that reveals to the consumer all of the information that is not found on the label. Beware of pasta which is always al dente!
Pasta dried at low temperature, according to tradition, overcooks if left for too long.

Low temperature drying can only be achieved by using grains of the highest quality. In fact, by avoiding the pre-gelatinisation of starch that takes place in industrial high-temperature production, the structure of the pasta depends entirely on the raw materials used. A sincere and genuine result, just like the fragrance and aroma that will fill the kitchen during cooking.

Low temperature drying takes longer and requires smaller production levels, but allows for the preservation of the nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials. We have a profound respect for the environment and our consumers, and this is why we dry all of our pasta slowly and at low temperatures of between 50° and 65° and use only the best quality grains. Cooking times vary between 3 and 12 minutes, according to the shape.


Now as it always has been, combining long-standing family traditions with the drive for innovation, we produce pasta and flours as Nature intended.